African Church.jpegSaint Philip's African Orthodox Church, 34 Hankard  St, Sydney N.S., B1N 2C2, 902-567-1220. Everyone is welcome! Sunday mornings, Regular hours 11am. Come join us for fellowship and to Worship together. Sunday school 11.15am - 12.00pm. Every Wednesday 'Weekly Drop-in' from 5pm-7pm. Quiet meditation and prayer time -- All are welcome! There will be a prayer basket for prayer requests.

Ukraine_Church.JpgHoly Ghost Ukrainian Church, 51 West St., Sydney N.S., B1N 1R9, 902-564-5201
St. Albans_216_176.JPGSt. Albans Church, 15 St. Albans Ave., Sydney, N.S., B1N 2J8, 902-564-0247

Polish_church.jpgSt. Mary's Polish Church, 21 Wesley St, Sydney, N.S., B1N 2M5, 902-564-4847

candles_216_176.jpg  Harvest Community Church, 88 Laurier Street, Whitney Pier, N.S., B1N 2B5

Life_Source_Church_Logo_216.jpgLife Source Church, Sydney, NS, (902) 562-0279, 972 Victoria Rd. (Polish Village Hall)    Email:, Church service Sunday 6:30 PM